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November '19

In a few good independently owned stores and online NOW!

August '19

In the strange world of the internet these days, a Guest Model with OG Danny Sargent has come together, which I’m really stoked about! The skate shops who have supported us from the start, have already been offered to pre order. (Thank you!) Now the option is open to everyone else, including any other independently owned UK stores out there who would like them for their wall.

- The artwork for the board was drawn by @jon_horner and incorporates words sent over by Danny himself describing the correct way to slappy grind! I think it came out RAD!

- It will be limited to no more than 100, hand numbered, and has Danny’s signature included in the top graphic.

- There are two types of boards available for PRE ORDER.

- A popsicle with a high concave in sizes 8.25” and 8.5”. Along with a custom early 90’s shape which is 8.75” at widest point, 14.25” wheelbase, 6 3/4” tail and a 7” nose.

- There will also be a T Shirt to go along with the board, which will be screenprinted by our friends @simpleprintstudio in Bristol.

- ALL of the profits from this board will be donated directly to Danny and his Daughter Veyda.

- Hoping you will back it...

March '19

New Deal is coming!!

September 27th '18

Autumn Sale NOW ON!

July 18th '18

mother by Quasi. Very RAD!

July 1st '18

Here's some shots of the new gear for the summer. (I'm not a model!)

Shoutout to Ferg for the photo's!

February 14th '18

éS team rider, Tom Asta, filmed by the infamous Manolostapes around Los Angeles, there¹s some iconic flash backs to éS heritage and some NBD¹s! Check out Tom Asta, Jahmir Brown and Juan Moreno as they hit the streets in the clip below.

January 8th '18

The boys have put all their VX footy together, in favour of going HD from now on with the HPX. Check out the 10 minute edit below!


October 28th '17

I am stoked to announce a collaboration with our long time friends at Focus Skate Store. It's been a wee while coming together, but is now underway and we hope you'll think it's worth it.

The project consists of a skateboard deck, clothing & some accessories.

A "first look" launch event will take place in Scotland's Capital this November. (confirmed details, date & venue to follow)
Some of the products will be available to purchase on the night, before going online the following morning.

Part of the skateboard proceeds are to be donated to a charity in relation to the artwork, which will be announced upon release.

Graphic by the outstanding Jon Horner.

#ninetyWanxFocusScotland #skateboarding


August 22nd '17

Boyz are killin' it!


re: HD from Cameron Stuart on Vimeo.

Feb 18th '17

Keenan's sections pieced together to commemorate his tribute board for the Foundation. #keenanforever

Dec 5th '16

NB# Numeric x Lost Art x The *useless Wooden Toys Society

Nov 27th '16

To tie in with a couple of new items going online, the homie Cammy pieced together some footage of us all having fun when it was a wee bit warmer!! Enjoy!

Nov 5th '16

Last of the archives tapes meticulously sifted through by Poe. Great times back in the day!


Nov 2nd '16

Thanks to Poe for this old footage pieced together of myself.


Oct 29th '16

Part 2 of the VHS Archives! Thanks again Poe!


Oct 21st '16

Part 1 from the VHS Archives. Great memories! Thanks for sifting through Poe! #havingfunsince91

Oct 4th '16.

A/V Archive Trailer! Old footage HYPE!!

Aug 7th '16.

Fun in the sun!! BARCELONA!! #smokieboyz

Aug 1st '16.

Smokie Boyz with the win!! #QOTD

June 15th '16.

Laing killing it at the local!!

May 17th '16.

Really sick part from Mark Baines that dropped over on The Berrics!!

Check it out below!

April 25th '16.

Take 10 minutes out of your day and watch the crew in Barcelona among other places. Filmed & edited by Cammy. Enjoy!

April 24th '16.

Chaos section & Ferg's Profile edits by Poe. Enjoy!

March 31st '16.

One of our oldest friends Poe has a RAD edit style! Check out the Monday morning skateboarding clip with some re-learnt tricks down at local with the dudes. Subscribe to his YouTube Channel while you're there! #aesthletics